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Alcohol Addiction and Social Life After Treatment


There are many alcohol addicts that have chosen to undergo treatments so that they can become sober, and many of them go through these treatments each year.  There are many rehab clinics all over the country helping addicts through their treatment programs that use proven methods based on recent studies.  There is only one way to help an addict have a lasting recovery, and that is if he will take efforts also to work hard and make sacrifices for this.


If an addict leaves a rehab facility and rejoins society, he will be faced with many things to adjust to including many lifestyle changes.  The social life that the alcohol addict once led is something that has to be compromised and changed.  Although our society accepts alcohol as a social drink, alcoholics have to avoid heavy drinking environment in order to stay sober.  When one is treated from alcohol addiction, there are some ways that this treatments impacts his social life as we shall see below.


Those alcoholics that have severe physical dependence on alcohol typically attend inpatient programs.  These treatment plans require patients to live at their clinics for thirty to ninety days, during which time they receive fifty or more hours of intensive therapies per week.  With inpatient programs you can be sure that the alcohol addict will be able to produce a fast and long-lasting lifestyle change.  But, taking a month or more to live an isolated life at a treatment facility puts addicts out of touch with their friends.  The social life of the addict will be compromised having stayed too long away from his friends, but most especially if he has already alienated his friend with his addictive behavior, click here!


Alcohol is legal and socially acceptable and this is why most adults drink casually at social events, family gatherings, and friendly outings.  While most people may be able to drink in moderation, most alcoholics cannot.  One thing that a recovering alcoholic has to do is to stay away from these gatherings or perhaps develop new friendships with people who can help them stay away from alcohol.


Socially, it is acceptable to drink and get drunk in work places.  Drinking alcohol is practice by business people when they network with partners and potential clients and it is also used when they recruit and hire people.  So a high ranking business official who is also a recovering alcoholic has to do away with these responsibilities that include social drinking or else look for another job, more info!


If you are a recovering alcoholic, you will sometimes still have those close friends who drink and get drunk at lot.  in order to avoid addiction triggers and stay sober, it is usually necessary for recovering alcoholics to cut ties with these friends altogether.  This is one of the most painful parts of rehabilitation for many addicts., but it can b crucial for long term sobriety.  Thankfully, most rehab clinics help alcoholics and other addicts make new friends and repair old relationships. Read more at this website http://www.dictionary.com/browse/alcoholism about alcoholism.